Basic information

The spoken tendering procedure shall be held at 12:30pm on May 12, 2017 in Szczecin at al. Jana Pawła II 31 (administrative building), room 010.


The property is situated next to the Pomeranian Ducal Castle in a quiet neighborhood in downtown Szczecin. The property comprises off-street car parking. It offers an ideal accommodation for business offices.

Property at ul. Rycerska 3 in Szczecin, Land and Mortgage Register SZIS/00082731/3, comprised of Plot 25/7 with an area of 0.1263 ha, and a building with 705 sq. m of usable space, located at 1037 Śródmieście 37, listed as historic building A-806 in the Region of Western Pomerania.


Currently housing the German Philology Department, this small building is located at Rycerska street which runs along a side of the Pomeranian Ducal Castle. Erected by an unknown builder between 1720 and 1736, the edifice was designed to serve Castle residents as a stable and winter riding arena.

This two level structure comprises a brick ground floor capped with a post-and-beam upper storey. Its most decorative part is a Renaissance seat-niche portal transferred onto the riding arena’s façade from another building. The portal features an ornamental archivolt with a subsequently added griffin image inside a key.
The building was listed as a historic monument in 1955.


The suggested opening price, derived from the relevant valuation report, has been set at PLN 2,306,000.00
(in words: two million three hundred six thousand Polish zlotys).

The bid increment shall be PLN 1000.00 (in words: one thousand zlotys).

Notary fees, land and mortgage registration fees, stamp duty and VAT shall be paid by the Buyer.
For detailed information on the subject matter of the tender, please contact
Mrs Renata Ciaś at
ph. +48 503 851 776.

Conditions of tender

Bidders shall:

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